If you're looking to dispose of your scrap timber or to buy products manufactured from recycled timber - you have come to the right website! Reusing materials and cutting down on waste not only helps the environment but can also save you money.

Recycled timber at WhyWasteWood
Timber Collections
Have you got timber cable drums or pallets you need collecting or a skip delivering? Can we help with your cable packaging requirements?  To find out more about these and our other services then please contact us either by email at sales@marlinindustries.com or telephone on 01978 854 854.

Our Products
Waste wood …..Not us!
  We recycle any drums or scrap wood which are beyond repair
and produce Woodchip that doesn't cost the earth!  To find out more about these products click here

Garden/Flower Bed Groundcover, Golf Course Pathways.

See our Products Page for details and performance information.

Decorative Woodchip

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Wood Fuels

Boiler Chip

Made from dry recycled wood chip, low moisture content, chip size can be adjusted to suit the storage and delivery system.

Boiler Chip

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